About Us

Our Mission and Vision



“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world.” With creativity being the core foundation of K-Talyst, building a team of “creativists” is the company’s mission. We strongly believe that when there’s no element of creativity, whatever that is offered will be no different from others. But when great minds of “creativists” come together, that’s when we bring about a change in the market.



“Take the path that everyone else takes and you will get the same results as them. Take the path that no one takes and you will get results that no one else has seen before.” Our vision is simple; to be recognized as one that dares to be different and for breaking the norm. We believe that as individuals and as a team, one can truly make a difference when they choose to be different. In K-Talyst, we live by what we believe in: viewing things differently, understanding efficiently, doing it outrageously in order to succeed in our goals set for projects. We believe that we are different in every aspect and this will be our company’s norm in terms of resilience.

Our Core Values



In K-Talyst, we believe that the true meaning of winning is when both parties walk out as winners and this is the kind of relationship that we strive to achieve. This doesn’t just apply to our current clients, but future as well including our employees.


What delights us is when our employees come to work every day with that energy and passion. This is the company’s culture and working environment that is put in place which allows them to grow and develop their character. This element also drives them to perform well even under pressure and achieve personal goals.


In K-Talyst, we believe in building long term relationships rather than just a customer-supplier relationship. We partner with our clients to bring sales to everyone by going the extra mile to invest in marketing which benefits both our clients and us as well. We believe strongly in creating a demand in the market that is much more superior and effective than just fulfilling supplies.

What makes this company is basically all of us. A company without a soul makes an empty body. What makes the body lively and worthy is the soul. The reason why this company is an extraordinary place to work in is simply because of our employees.

Working in an environment where everyone has a common goal, direction and hunger seek to accomplish far more than what is expected of every individual. Cultivating that harmonious and healthy working environment is the key to being a successful firm with the “fun” element in it.