breast augmentation myths and facts

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation Surgery in Malaysia

As the beauty industry in Malaysia continues to thrive, women are no longer shying away from seeking ways to enhance their physical appearance. With breast augmentation surgery gaining popularity among both local and international patients, it's clear that Malaysian women are embracing the power of self-improvement and self-confidence.

Breast augmentation surgery in Malaysia is becoming increasingly safer, accessible, and cost-effective thanks to constant innovation in the industry and the proactive support of both the private and public sectors. Many of the country's plastic surgeons have honed their skills overseas, earning international acclaim for their outstanding expertise. These factors are positioning Malaysia as a leading medical tourism hub for breast augmentation surgery in Asia, attracting patients from afar who seek to undergo top-notch medical care and achieve excellent outcomes.

But, it’s frequently surrounded by myths and misconceptions, causing confusion, misinformation, and even fear among women considering it. This article aims to dispel these common myths and provides valuable advice on selecting a reputable surgeon. Our goal is to equip women with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their bodies and feel confident and beautiful inside and out.

Myth 1: Breast Implants Always Look Fake

One of the most common myths surrounding breast augmentation surgery is that breast implants always look fake. While it's true that poorly-executed surgeries or the wrong choice of implant result in an unnatural appearance, this is not always the case. In fact, with a wide range of breast implant options available, women are able to achieve natural-looking results that enhance their body shape and boost their confidence with the right selection of breast implant that suits the best.

Choosing the perfect breast implant size and shape like Motiva Ergonomix is crucial to attaining a natural-looking outcome that complements a woman's body. When selecting an implant, factors such as existing breast tissue, body shape, and personal preferences are taken into consideration by a highly-skilled plastic surgeon. It's this collaborative process that creates the perfect silhouette and enhances a woman's confidence in her own skin.

Myth 2: Breast Augmentation Surgery is Only for Women with Low Self-Esteem

Breast augmentation surgery is often unfairly labeled as a cosmetic procedure exclusively for women with low self-esteem. However, this stereotype is as inaccurate as it is unhelpful. In truth, women may choose to undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, including reconstructive purposes, to address physical abnormalities, or to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

You should find the right implant for what your surgery goals are. Motiva created implants that address several of these cases. Motiva Ergonomix, the 6th generation of breast implants, is a significant improvement over previous versions due to its innovative technology and design, which effectively addresses the issues of previous breast implants.  Popular breast implant that combines advanced technology with a natural look and feels. The design process prioritizes user-friendliness to ensure maximum patient satisfaction.

It also has distinctive advantages worth considering. These implants are made with a silicone gel called ProgressiveGel Ultima, which mimics the natural movements of breast tissue for a more authentic appearance and reduced rippling. With these implants, you can achieve a natural-looking appearance that enhances your confidence and beauty

For women who lead an active lifestyle and enjoy sports or other physical activities, the sloped silhouette achieved through breast augmentation with Motiva Ergonomix implants provides a more comfortable and streamlined fit in athletic wear. It helps you achieve a natural-looking and dynamic appearance that enhances your confidence and performance during physical activities.

Myth 3: Breast Augmentation Surgery is Only for Young Women

There is a common misconception that breast augmentation surgery is only suitable for young women. However, breast size and shape can change due to a variety of factors, including age, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations. As a result, breast augmentation surgery can be a viable option for women of all ages who want to enhance their breast size and shape.

In fact, many older women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery to restore lost breast volume and achieve a more youthful appearance. It's important to note that breast augmentation surgery is a personal choice and should not be limited by age. A skilled plastic surgeon can help women of all ages choose the right breast implant size and shape to achieve natural-looking results.

Myth 4: Breast Implants Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

There have been several scientific studies conducted to investigate the potential link between breast implants and breast cancer. These studies have consistently shown that there is no increased risk of breast cancer among women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

According to medical experts, breast implants that contain salt and sugar crystals in their materials have a higher risk of leading to unwanted diseases, including breast cancer. However, Motiva Implants  prioritize the safety and well-being of their patients by using 3D nanotechnology imprinting to create a uniform smooth nano-textured outer surface called SmoothSilk /SilkSurface. This advanced technology reduces the possibility of complications by enhancing biocompatibility, thus lowering the prevalence of chronic inflammatory complications like double capsules and late seromas. Additionally, it also helps limit the risk of biofilm formation and bacterial load, ensuring a safer and healthier breast implant experience.

Motiva also prioritizes the safety and well-being of its patients after their surgery. They offer the Always Confident Warranty Program, which covers all Motiva against rupture for the lifetime of the device, and a Product Replacement Policy for capsular contracture (Baker grades III and IV) for a period of 10 years. In the rare case of rupture or capsular contracture, Motiva will provide a replacement implant at no cost, and even the other breast may be replaced upon the surgeon's recommendation. With Motiva, you can have peace of mind knowing that your safety and satisfaction are their top priorities.

Regular breast cancer screenings are crucial for all women, whether or not they have undergone breast augmentation surgery. While some studies have suggested a possible link between breast implants and a rare type of lymphoma known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), the overall risk of developing this condition is extremely low.

Myth 5: Breast Augmentation Surgery is a Quick and Easy Procedure

Contrary to popular belief, breast augmentation surgery in Malaysia is not a simple or quick procedure. It is a complex surgery that requires a skilled plastic surgeon and careful planning. The recovery process can also be lengthy and uncomfortable.

It is important to understand that breast augmentation surgery is a major surgical procedure that comes with risks and potential complications, just like any other surgery. These risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, and implant rupture or leakage.

Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery in Malaysia, it is crucial to thoroughly research and plan for the procedure. Patients should also be aware of the recovery process and the potential discomfort that comes with it. This includes taking time off work, avoiding strenuous activities, and following the post-operative care instructions provided by their surgeon. By being well-informed and prepared, patients can achieve successful and safe outcomes from their breast augmentation surgery.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding breast augmentation surgery that can make it difficult to make an informed decision. Some people believe that the procedure is only for women with low self-esteem or that breast implants always look fake. Others may think that breast augmentation surgery is only for young women or that it increases the risk of breast cancer. And there are some who believe that breast augmentation surgery is a quick and easy procedure.

However, it's important to dispel these myths and get the facts straight. Breast augmentation surgery is not only for women with low self-esteem, but it can also be a positive decision for those who want to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. And with advanced technologies such as Motiva, breast implants can look natural and seamlessly blend with your body.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, take the time to research and educate yourself on the facts. Don't believe in myths or misconceptions surrounding the procedure. Consult with qualified healthcare providers to determine if the procedure is right for your individual needs and goals. Make an informed decision that aligns with your personal expectations and goals.