Everything You Need to Know About Doing Breast Augmentation in Malaysia

Malaysian women are different from one another. Some might be taller while others may have a lighter skin complexion. Some may have a firmer and natural-looking breast profile. Despite all these physical differences, they have an identical desire when it comes to breast augmentation.

A 2019 study shows that Malaysian women have the second smallest breast size in the world. It also stated that the average breast size for them would be an A cup. This is also natural for other Asian women.

Of course, other factors have contributed to their lack of breast volume, such as the case after their pregnancy. During this time, the volume and elasticity of the breast would normally be lax and would lead to sagging after a while.

Another factor would be the case of inadequate breast development, which leads to breast asymmetry. Almost 25% of women experience some breast asymmetry throughout their lifetime.

These are just some of the challenges that other women face when it comes to the aesthetic features of their breasts. That is why other women are opting for breast augmentation because it allows them to regain their femininity as a woman and makes them feel more confident in their bodies.

Breast augmentation in Malaysia is also gaining popularity across the world because it’s more convenient for other foreign patients and the cosmetic service remains cost-friendly. If you're considering breast augmentation in Malaysia, then you’ll be learning more about what they can offer, particularly about Motiva Ergonomix®, which is currently available in the country.


Preparation for Surgery

You might feel excited, at the same time nervous while you prepare for your breast augmentation in Malaysia. Of course, this is perfectly normal for those who will be having their operation. But, before you book a flight to Malaysia for a consultation. You must first check all the following things

  • Malaysia opened its borders, allowing foreign tourists and patients to enter their country. But, you can only enter if you are vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine and present your vaccination cards as proof that you’re already vaccinated.
  • Make sure you have already booked accommodation and other things that you need to make your trip comfortable, especially after surgery. Some clinics in Malaysia do offer pick and drop transportation for their international patients.
  • Because you’ll be having a breast augmentation, it would be necessary for you to bring comfortable clothes that have enough space for your body to freely move.
  • You might be needing a companion that will take care of you while recovering from the surgery.


After arriving in Malaysia,  you will be heading down for your breast consultation with your Malaysian surgeon. Here are some things that you can expect;

Your surgeon will run through a series of medical questionnaires and tests to know the state of your body and if it could handle the operation. You must keep an open and transparent communication with your surgeon because it would allow your surgeon to fully comprehend your expectations for your aesthetic breast projection. Once you passed all of this, it’s time to choose the type of breast implants you wanted for yourself.

If you're the kind of woman who is active, on the go, and would want to have a natural-looking breast implant - that could also replicate the natural movement of breast tissue - then you might want to consider Motiva Ergonomix®, which is currently available in Malaysia now. 

 Motiva Ergonomix® is a silicone breast implant designed to alter its shape and mimic the breasts’ natural movement. When laying flat, the breast implants maintain a round shape and when you're in an upright position, it transforms to a teardrop shaped profile. It also has several features to address common aesthetic and safety issues associated with previous generations of implants.

 One of its safety features is the SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®. It’s a biocompatible nanotextured smooth surface that reduces inflammation and implant issues like double capsules, late seroma, implant rupture, and many others. 

In addition, Motiva Ergonomix® has the BluSeal® layer. This would help surgeons visually check if the implants do have any gel bleed, ruptures, or compromised implant shell. 

As for the ProgressiveGel Ultima®, it is a high viscosity gel that fills the implants. It smoothly adapts and follows the movement of the breasts like breast tissue, while giving a fuller projection. 

Lastly, another feature of Motiva® Implants is the Q Inside® Safety Technology or simply Qid®. It’s a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) set up inside of the breast implants giving the surgeon an easy way to check the information of your implants during consultation. It is helpful in the case you lose your implant card containing the same information.

    Surgery Day

    Here comes the big day for doing breast augmentation in Malaysia. Remember to wear comfortable clothings. It will allow you to move freely after the operation.Your surgeon will use the general anesthesia of your choice and as recommended by your surgeon. 

    If you’ll be having Motiva Ergonomix®, your surgeon will only cut a 2.5 cm to 3 cm long incision,  which is half as long as a conventional incision for breast augmentation. The Truemonobloc® is another feature of Motiva® Implants that enables surgeons to easily insert the implants even in small incisions. As for your incision site, it depends on which area around your breast you want to have it and makes you feel comfortable.


      Once the operation is done, you’ll be transferred to a room for a few hours or so to monitor your condition while you're being accompanied by your companion or a nurse. You’ll start to feel a bit weak and there will bound to be some pain in your chest as the effects of anesthesia gradually subside in your body. 

      In  general, breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure. It means that you can go home on the same day as your surgery, or until your surgeon deems you fit to go. An overnight stay in the hospital is not necessary, but you can arrange so if that’s what you’re comfortable with.


      How Long Does It Take To Fully Recover?

      During your recovery, an elastic bandage or support bra will be used to reduce swelling and support the breasts as they heal. Your breasts will be covered in gauze dressings. Once your surgeon notices that your condition is now stable then it will be the only time for you to leave the clinic or the hospital so you can have enough rest where you are staying in Malaysia. 

      As directed by the plastic surgeon,  one should constantly wear her support bra. Do not carry heavy objects or perform strenuous exercises. There are  surgeons who may instruct their patients to apply ointment and clean the incision areas, while others may instruct their patients to leave tape or a bandage on. 

      It's crucial to adhere to all of your plastic surgeon's instructions because they can differ. Take it easy for the first few days until you are given the go-ahead to raise your activity level as this will greatly help in speeding up the recovery process. 

      Acute discomfort usually goes away in one to five days, you may experience a bit of pain but it will only last for a very few weeks. The patient can continue to exercise and engage in regular activities as prescribed by her plastic surgeon.

      Recovery typically takes six to eight weeks. Depending on how quickly the wound heals and how healthy the patient is generally. It can take longer as every person is built differently, so it’s best to talk to a surgeon in regards to the recovery process.

      Risk of Doing Breast Augmentation and How It Can Be Reduced.

      The patient will have to carefully consider the risks and potential consequences of breast augmentation against the potential benefits of reaching her goals before deciding whether to have plastic surgery. Ultimately, the decision lies with herself. 

      The surgeon will require the patient to sign a consent paperwork as a form of acknowledgement that she’s aware of all the risks and potential consequences associated with the treatment.

      The possible breast augmentation risks would be the rare case of  Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), seroma,  formation of tight scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture), etc. 

      That is why it’s necessary to address all the questions with the plastic surgeon.  

      A reason to avoid such risks from happening is by finding the right type of implants for the patient’s goal. Breast implants may not last a lifetime, and replacement surgery may be necessary for the future for either one or both implants.Throughout the lifetime, additional circumstances, including pregnancy, weight loss, and menopause may affect the aesthetic projection of the patient’s breast implants. So, it is best to choose breast implants that can support these rare instances.

       Lastly, it would be good to have a regular check up to evaluate the state of one’s  breasts’ health and the overall condition of her breast implants.

      Have some questions in regards to Motiva Ergonomics implants? You may click here to submit a enquiry form. Our representative will be there to attend to all your queries.